MAP // Make Art Public

MAP applies a strategy that recuperates unsold advertising space in order to provide creative people from a variety of artistic fields with a distribution network in direct view of the mainstream public.

01 – MAP

MOVEMENT OF PUBLIC ART (MAP ) to give creators of diverse backgrounds access to a broadcast network in the public domain , directly on the field of view of passersby with a recovery strategy empty advertising space ( aims not sold).

CULTURAL MEDIATOR promote creativity , let it flourish in freedom and intercultural dialogue is an essential means to preserve the vitality of cultures . The MAP is a promoter of all possible measures and makes available the art of these communities.

The presence and availability of advertising media on public roads is a universal phenomenon, a characteristic of all major cities and elsewhere reality. The project put forward by the MAP is therefore exportable. Having as origin the Ville- Marie , the Art Public develop projects within the city . He can from there gain some maturity , move to other Canadian cities like Toronto, Calgary , Vancouver and Ottawa and Quebec , where the situation is similar to create similar activities and possibly prepare inter-city exchanges , and even international .

PROMOTING A CULTURE OF ENGAGEMENT Each Donor a MAP event contributes to the artistic recognition of his city. The visibility provided by this initiative is quantified by its support for the quality of urban life .

HUMAN CREATIVITY is the ultimate economic resource. It has the power to propose new and better ways of doing things as well as increase productivity and living standards . It has , in the past, the transition from rural to urban . Creativity is today the center of the economy. Based on human intelligence and knowledge, she gives birth to innovative projects hopeful life .

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