MAP // Make Art Public

MAP applies a strategy that recuperates unsold advertising space in order to provide creative people from a variety of artistic fields with a distribution network in direct view of the mainstream public.

08 – Chronology

Realization MAP:


– Exhibition Project Underground ( precursor MAP) Museum of recycling boxes in Montreal. Project Laboratory artist Manuel Bujold co -founder of the Art Public .


– First exhibition of MAP in the Montreal subway . The work of Stephen Zack & Max Wyse is presented in the hallway Victoria Square.


-MAP provides mechanical movement / Try harder , involving 47 works by 14 international photographers in 6 cities of Quebec , replacing the 80 bus shelter advertising .

– Mexico: Expo mechanical movement is transported to Mexico. 1250 advertising bus shelters in 14 cities including Mexico for 4 months is replaced by images of the MAP project. In the context of advertising visibility , more than 400 million people have seen the exhibition .

– Influenced by the MAP initiative in Mexico , the Consulate General of Mexico in Montreal presents the work of Dulce Pinzon ( artist development in mechanical movement ) . On this occasion two lectures are given , one of MAP and the other by the artist.


– Installation of eight structures dissemination Émilie-Gamelin Park (see photos) . Life is an extreme sport is the theme carried on this occasion.

– MAP + ADM Finalist , Prix Arts -Affaires de Montreal Arts Council of the City of Montreal and Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

– MAP & Sid Lee won a prize at Grafika for posters presented on Montreal to Mexico within the Movement Mechanical project.


– New exhibition at Emilie -Gamelin

– Installation of 7 structures dissemination Atwater Market Theme: Life is an extreme sport.

– Installation of five structures exhibit the Market Theme: Making a great summer , inspired by landscape transformed .

– Vancouver bus shelter 6 : Theme: Life is an extreme sport.

– Calgary shelters 6 : Theme: Life is an extreme sport.

– Edmonton shelters 6 : Theme: Life is an extreme sport.


– Map -Image battle 2 billboards in the city center

– Emilie -Gamelin : New exhibition which was presented as part of the Venice Biennale .

– New content: Atwater Market , Marché Maisonneuve , Émilie Gamelin Park .

– Blind Wall institutional p Studio Appolo


– Implementation MAP retro illuminated surface 10 sized : District Southwest Blvd. Monk

– New content: Atwater Market , Marché Maisonneuve , Émilie Gamelin Park .

– In the spring maple association with Amnesty International Canada Francophone


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