MAP // Make Art Public

MAP applies a strategy that recuperates unsold advertising space in order to provide creative people from a variety of artistic fields with a distribution network in direct view of the mainstream public.

Yoko Ono IMAGINE + The Peace Ballad of John & Yoko Exclusively at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal in collaboration with the MAP 2 April to 21 June 2009


excerpt from the press release

“This is the time of the action. The Action is Peace. I love you! ”

Yoko (March 2009)


“The Museum offers a spring of peace, explains Nathalie Bondil. With the participation of Yoko Ono, this exhibition marks the 40th anniversary of the bed-in John Lennon and Yoko Ono, today extended their pacifist action, an action that makes the news more relevant than ever. In solidarity, a great number of companies, suppliers and partners have decided to turn to support this project by offering their services so as to spread this universal message that exceeds course, part of our institution. I am very touched to see that this inclusive and collaborative approach generates great energy, transforming this event in Montreal collective work and – beyond – socially engaged, that brings us together around the same philosophy. “


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