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Sur un nouveau pas de danse – 2013 – Collaboration MAP


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In the late afternoon of August 13, we proceeded with the official inauguration of the Serge-Garant Park. Fruit of the tireless work of Mario D’Astous, this public space is now dedicated to an exhibition on contemporary dance in Montreal. Moreover, two dancers performed a few steps … in the rain, unfortunately …


For those who do not know where is this small park is the green space behind the Beaudry metro. Newly installed turf , landscaping redone, plantings , shrubs, everything is there to make it more friendly place . It is now decorated with four panels with pictures large format pieces Montreal dance companies . We can see eight more photos of the display panel . Flack – Navas Josée Van Grumb – Body Secrets, O Vertigo Danse , Sinha Danse , Marie Chouinard, Fortier Danse , Margie Gillis and CA- dance are represented in this exhibition.We were greeted by a beautiful music played by the sympathetic pianist Roman Zavada so we could wander around and look at the photos on the theme of a new dance step , which is “the renewal of the park which was literally left to the abandonment , “said Mario D’ Astous, a fan of dance, local activist, Mr. Leather Montreal 2009.

On behalf of the district and the municipality , the municipal councilor of the district of Saint- Jacques , François Robillard , who delivered the opening remarks . “I am proud to thank Mario D’ Astous, which is a very active and involved citizen . I am happy to encourage this kind of citizen involvement that improves our quality of life. People wanted a more friendly greener place , and that’s it! “Said Robillard . He also wanted to highlight the work of the Division of Culture and the technical services of the borough of Ville -Marie in the development of this project as well as dance companies Montreal “who were eager to participate .”

For his part, Mario D’ Astous came to talk about the genesis of this project and its approach. He had already install plaques honoring those who died of AIDS in the park Hope people.

“I saw that the park was not finished and he was not alive, then he has a lot of visibility due to the Metro and St. Catherine . Being a fan of dance for years, I thought it would be a great space to hold an exhibition on contemporary dance , which is one of the cultural jewels of Montreal . In addition, Serge Garant was a musician , a composer and conductor, so there was the idea of ​​going into a space dedicated to culture and the arts , “says D’Astous .


It has taken steps, in the month of August 2009, in order to move forward. He noted the openness and support of people like François Robillard, Bernard Plante, the CEO of the Business Development Corporation of the Village (SDC) and Borough officials such as Dominique and Michel Demers Archambeault, among others. “Of course, we had to insist, go to several meetings of the borough council and negotiate with the officials, but I am very happy with the result today,” said Mr. D’Astous. Thereafter, the Director of Development and Cultural Action of the Agora de la danse, Louise Duchesne, said a few words of thanks on behalf of the dance community. “The park becomes a link between the arts and the community. I personally thank Mario D’Astous for his commitment, “commented Ms. Duchesne.

If people had been received before the rain put there by the piano music by Roman Zavada, then we were overwhelmed by the number of dance Jocelyn Couture and Laurie Sinclair. Although these dancers have been limited to one benefit, since the rain
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